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Connect Unite – DM3 Challenge!

Have you ever wondered what it looks like to live a life that produces like

what Jesus describes in Mark 4:20…

30, 60, 100 X Return…

How Do You Measure That? What Does It Look Like?

I want to invite you to join in this 5 week journey!

Connect Unite Mission

Connect in a community focused on relationship.

Unite in a common mission of discipleship.

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What To Expect?

The DM3 Challenge
“DM3” = The 3 Keys To Disciple Making!
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Key #1 Challenge

Each time we go live we will be focusing on a specific “Challenge”, a command of Jesus and leveraging the key processes that Jesus used to simplify discipleship.

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Key #2 Conversation

We then dive deep into group “Conversation” around those key principles and discuss how to apply them in our life and lead others into the same path- following Jesus!

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Key #3 Change

As we learn together and experience truths presented by Jesus we are invited into a process of “Change” that will impact not only your life but those around you!

The DM3 Challenge is an opportunity to change your life!
We will be spending 5 weeks with passionate followers of Jesus just like yourself…
We will be revealing the exact blueprint to living a life that has massive Kingdom impact!
Ready to get started?

So what is the DM3 Challenge?


5 Weeks Of Power Packed Sessions

Chose Your Group & Invite A Friend

Each weekly session we will dive into the commands of Jesus and discuss the secrets to having true kingdom impact , seeing your life impact those around you, and even leading people into a life of freedom!

You will build new relationships and connect with a “Tribe” of people hungry to live a life that has major impact for the Kingdom!

Here’s just a sample of what you can expect at this FREE DM3 Challenge:

* Find your tribe of people hungry to see the Kingdom grow …

* Create massive impact with less effort…

* Grow in your relationship with Jesus…

* Discover how to live the life Jesus wants for you…

* Uncover hidden truths about how to impact others for the Kingdom…

… and much, MUCH More!

Don’t miss this FREE Ignite Challenge where you can see how small changes in how you think about Kingdom growth create major impact in the lives of those around you.

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What to expect each session? 

Weekly Sessions (In Person, on Zoom, Via Text Thread)

Live Session Suggested Layout:

10-12 Min Teaching

35-45 Min Conversation

5-10 Min Prayer / Requests


  • BONUS: Private mobile / web app for connecting and building community with your tribe of people hungry for Kingdom impact.

  • BONUS: Ignite Challenge Course Access – Learn how we combine the 3 simple tools explained in this challenge and leverage small group relationships to grow DM3 – Disciples Making Disciples.

  • BONUS: We will explain how each of the features of our platform works together to make multiplying disciples easier, without creating more work!

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7+ Hours of Video Training – Self Paced Course


What You Will Learn With This Challenge…

In this challenge you will learn the exact blueprint for DM3 and what it looks like to engage the simple actions that are aligned with your current routines.

The Flow: Each day we will engage a process of…

  • Session 1
  • Session 2
  • Session 3
  • Session 4
  • Session 5
  • Session 6
Session 1

Session 1 Challenge – Jesus Is The Foundation

I’m excited to go on this Ignite Challenge with journey with you as together we follow the commands of Jesus and grow in relationship. Over our time together in this course we will discover how to create exponential growth and “bear much fruit” for the Kingdom!

Challenge Facilitator : Michael Woodfield

Michael is Founder- Connect Unite, Entrepreneur and Strategist

Session 2

Session 2 Challenge – Destroy Lies

We will break off lies of the enemy that keep us from making disciples and living a life that “bears much fruit”.

BONUS Conversation: Chuck McCallum

How did Jesus model the Shepherd gift in his discipleship methods

Chuck is the CEO Kier & Wright, Lead Pastor Infusion Church, Entrepreneur, and Author

Session 3

Session 3 Challenge – The Key To Discipleship

DM3 is The Key to Discipleship and we will share how it applies the model Jesus gave to his original disciples and uses simple strategy to yield amazing results!

BONUS Conversation: Clay Gatlin

How did Jesus model the Teacher gift in his discipleship methods

Clay is the Lead Pastor at First Christian Church and Author

Session 4

Session 4 Challenge – The 3:21 Process

The 3:21 process is the strategy to unlocking true multiplication and exponential Kingdom growth! It’s actually so simple you will be wondering why you’re not already doing it 🙂

BONUS Conversation: Deji Sonoiki

How did Jesus model the Evangelist gift his discipleship methods

Deji is Co-Founder- TruthFM Live and The Truth Outreach

Session 5

Session 5 Challenge – The Strategy For Growth

How the simplicity of the Gospel translates into a simple mission. How to create exponential growth and “bear much fruit” without more effort.

BONUS Conversation: Giuseppe Ciccone

How did Jesus model the Prophet gift in his discipleship methods

Giuseppe is Founder- Trilogy Coaching, Entrepreneur and Worship Leader

Session 6

Session 6 – Go Make Disciples

3:2-1 and DM3 Challenge Launch! How to keep momentum when it comes to following Jesus and making disciples.

BONUS Conversation: Neil Cole

How did Jesus model the Apostolic gift in his discipleship methods

Neil is the Founder of Starling Initiatives, and is a Movement Leader, Author, and International Speaker

7+ Hours of Video Training – Self Paced Course