Meeting Outline*

Please use the following points as an outline for each meeting. Please be sure to allow for more conversation and talking points. 

Connect Unite: Challenge, Conversation, Change

The following sets of prompts are not meant to be the only Connect Unite conversation, these are here as the starting point and to help facilitate the conversation. 


  1. Read the weekly challenge together 
  2. Be in prayer Luke 10:2- more laborers for the harvest
  3. Ask Holy Sprit who you are called to reach. Who should I ask to join me in this journey of discipleship? 


  1. What do you think Jesus is saying to you in this week’s challenge?
  2. How does this challenge impact your daily decisions and interactions with others? 
  3. How can we as a Connect Unite small group be praying for you?

Change: Change is a personal decision but as a Connect Unite Small Group we are all here to support, feel free to share or keep these thoughts private.

Reflect on the challenge and scriptures for this week. What area is Jesus challenging you to change?